What is this application about?

This application is to help you organize and communicate!

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework of best practice approaches intended to facilitate the delivery of high quality information technology (IT) services. ITIL outlines an extensive set of management procedures that are intended to support businesses in achieving both quality and value for money in IT operations. These procedures are supplier independent and have been developed to provide guidance across the breadth of IT infrastructure, development, and operations. itXpert can help you turn this library into an organized managed infrastructure!

What does it mean?

In business, now more than ever before, time is money and saving time means saving money. With itXpert, there is no more having to open an application to find vendor's information, and then another file to get the support phone number and a separate spreadsheet to get the admin information, or looking for a notebook with the all the available support information in it, if it happens to be up to date that is. No more printing reams of documentation to keep in a manual, or having to carry a manual around in the event you need this information. No more contracts in one file and licensing agreements in another, department contacts in yet a third, warranty information in still yet another location. No more creating spreadsheets to compile reports of software installed, device expirations, updates applied, etc. No more separate hard copy files of anything.
From now on you simply open itXpert, select the hardware or software you are working with and the information is right there all in one place. You can upload all vendor provided documentation (diagrams, schematics, data flows, contracts, warranties, etc.) everything you can need for all of your IT assets, right in one easy to use repository.

The Big Picture

Change Management tracking, from start to finish; Support Call Tracking, from open to resolution and linked to the effected hardware, software or both; Asset Management, from purchase to sunset; all in the same easy to find and easy to use system. Included with this is System Asset Tracking. When these 5 servers, 500 workstations, 3 interfaces, 12 instruments and 4 applications are linked, just imagine the time savings when you have to answer simply one question about any one piece of this huge puzzle. itXpert allows IT Administration, Change Management, Application and Support Team, access to the same critical information. At the click of a mouse, you can find what you need, when you need it.

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